General - August 19, 2019

Will eCommerce Collapse in 2020?

Many financial companies are in agreement that the financial crisis is looming and this is likely to affect eCommerce. Experts also agree that the year 2020 is going to be the year of an economic collapse because many things are going on right now that are leading to the chaos that will be felt next year. For instance, experts believe that huge deficits in the United States, China’s lenient policies in finance and lending, and recovering European markets could all lend to a level of instability in the economy. This could cause a storm for a global recession, and experts agree that it could happen.

Considering though that 3.6 billion people which is almost half the earth’s population, now have internet access, it is reasonable to expect online shopping to keep growing rapidly. However, the growth rate of new internet users is really slowing every year with just 7 percent growth last year compared to the 12 percent growth in 2015.
Inflation has been forecasted in the United States to rise beyond target limits, and this will surely lead to an increase in interest rates. This could have far-reaching impacts not only on investors globally but also on eCommerce generally. So, experts see this as a trigger for slowed economic growth all over the world.

This stark warning has been acknowledged by some of the most respected people in finance such as Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke. Both were former U.S. Federal Reserve heads, have issued such warnings. JP Morgan also made a prediction of a 20% U.S. stock slump and a loss of liquidity in financial markets.

This is really causing a stir for people around the world who wants to invest and put their money in the best place possible. For eCommerce, the year 2020 could be turbulent, but no one knows yet.

You might consider investing in digital assets such as cryptocurrency in the face of an economic crisis such as Bitcoin to give yourself some protection. But you need to know that when you invest in this kind of currency, you are investing in an unregulated, decentralized economy, which means that nobody can access it. It is a safe and anonymous place to put your money when the economy gets rough.

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