Are Mitsubishi Pajeros good? (2024)

Are Mitsubishi Pajeros good?

The Mitsubishi Pajero is actually regarded as a very reliable vehicle, so your experience is not typical. There are several potential causes for this, but the thing I'd check first would be the air filter.

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Is the Mitsubishi Pajero reliable?

The Mitsubishi Pajero is actually regarded as a very reliable vehicle, so your experience is not typical. There are several potential causes for this, but the thing I'd check first would be the air filter.

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How long does a Mitsubishi Pajero last?

Cars like the Pajeros can easily run for 20-30 years and possibly 10 lac kms, if the right maintenance and spares are available.

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Is Mitsubishi Pajero expensive to maintain?

In total, the Pajero Sport is the second most expensive model to maintain within its segment, with its total parts basket representing 34.55% of its list price in 2021.

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Why is Pajero so popular?

The Pajero can be used as an off-roading vehicle with its 4xd driving capabilities and selectable low-ratio gearing. The Pajero has suitable departure and approach angles which make it a go-anywhere vehicle. At the same time, it is a comfortable and luxurious daily SUV which also ensures excellent highway rides.

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What to look out for when buying a Pajero?

Check Points

>> Get under any Pajero you're considering, looking for underbody damage, especially to the front stone-tray, sills and rear pan. Even in vehicles that look new, check for emerging rust in the tail-gate, door skins, around windows and the roof.

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Why did Mitsubishi stop making Pajero?

Mitsubishi has cited changing buyer preference as the reason for the Pajero's demise, but still services those after a rugged off-road SUV with its Triton-based Pajero Sport.

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What is high mileage for a Pajero?

Any person with ANY knowledge of a Pajero will know from experience that when you start talking the 500 000 to 650 000 kms you start talking high mileage. A Pajero with a service history that is intact and correct is still finding it's feet at 150 000 kms.

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Are Pajeros good on fuel?

The Pajero enjoys a trip to the petrol bowser about as much as a tradie enjoys a trip to KFC. The absolute best I managed on the car was 12L/100km, and that was on a smooth freeway at 100km/h. Typical usage would be close to 15L/100, and around town expect upwards of 17.

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Which Mitsubishi Pajero is the most reliable?

NH and NJ Pajeros were reliable machines with no serious problems, provided they were serviced regularly.


Are Mitsubishi cars cheap to fix?

Mitsubishi Maintenance Costs

Mitsubishi models average around $7,787 for maintenance and repair costs during their first 10 years of service. This is more than the industry average for popular brands by $973. There is also a 18.18% chance that a Mitsubishi will require a major repair during that time.

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Is Mitsubishi Pajero luxury?

The Pajero was initially marketed as a luxury, yet rugged and capable competitor to the Land Rover Range Rover or Toyota Land Cruiser of the time.

Are Mitsubishi Pajeros good? (2024)

Are Mitsubishi expensive to insure?

Compared to other non-luxury brands, Mitsubishis are relatively expensive to insure. However, the specific cost of insurance for Mitsubishis can still vary depending on individual factors such as your ZIP code, driving history, and specific model.

Why do people love Pajero?

The impressive engines and powerful braking tools make it a lot easy to drive this car anywhere. So you don't need to be worried about the places, just get this car and brace yourself for the adventure trip. There are a lot of people who prefer heavy cars and Pajeros.

What is Pajero called in USA?

I've only seen it with the “Pajero” name in Japan and elsewhere in Asia. In Canada and the US it was the Montero.

Why there is no Pajero in USA?

Cost-cutting measures. Mitsubishi is a giant company that's built everything from military tanks to number-two pencils over the years, but one of its most iconic products will soon be missing from its catalog: the Pajero SUV.

Is Pajero a good 4WD?

The eight-speed transmission is well-calibrated, with up- and down-changes fairly smooth by large SUV standards. As one of the few seven-seat SUVs on the market with proper 4x4 credentials, an all-terrain set of boots would transform the Pajero Sport into an off-road-ready weapon.

Where is the Pajero built?

It was initially built in and imported from Thailand. Since April 2017, it is built and assembled at the Cikarang plant in Bekasi, West Java. The Pajero Sport/Montero Sport has three engine options.

What body style is a Pajero?


Can you still buy new Pajero?

Production of Mitsubishi's Pajero was discontinued last year, and no replacement was announced for the brand's Toyota Prado fighter, but recent reports have indicated the name could be applied for a new diminutive off-roader built in conjunction with Alliance-partner Nissan to take on the Suzuki Jimny.

What is going to replace the Mitsubishi Pajero?

Mitsubishi confirmed earlier this year a successor to the Pajero Sport – the SUV version of the Triton ute – is due in 2025, in line with Drive's exclusive reporting in January 2023.

Is Mitsubishi Pajero still available?

Mitsubishi Pajero is no longer available.

This model may have been phased out by the manufacturer from the market.

What is the Mitsubishi mileage scandal?

The carmaker admitted to rigging the test for the past 25 years. The Japanese transport ministry stated 'our investigation confirmed that the fuel economy on eight models were as much as 8.8% and on average 4.2% lower than advertised. ' The episode affected more than 600,000 autos.

What is high mileage for a Mitsubishi?

Your Mitsubishi Outlander should get between 200 and 250 thousand miles. This is a very high mileage for these kinds of cars. Depending on your usage, an Outlander could last you for up to 15 years. For a larger car, this is an exceptional lifespan.

What is the mileage of old Pajero?

Specification of Mitsubishi Pajero 2002-2012
ARAI Mileage10.5 kmpl
City Mileage6.5 kmpl
Fuel TypeDiesel
Engine Displacement (cc)2835
No. of cylinder4
7 more rows

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