How many foreigners can play in Serie A? (2024)

How many foreigners can play in Serie A?

Italian clubs are only permitted to register two non-EU players each season, a rule which remained in place after Britain left the EU in 2020. "Players with Swiss and British citizenship are equivalent to EU players in all respects," FIGC

The Italian Football Federation (Italian: Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, pronounced [federatˈtsjoːne itaˈljaːna ˈdʒwɔːko ˈkaltʃo]; FIGC [ˌfiddʒitˈtʃi]), known colloquially as Federcalcio ( pronounced [federˈkaltʃo]), is the governing body of football in Italy. › wiki › Italian_Football_Federation
said in a statement following a Federal Council meeting on Monday.

Is there a foreign player limit in Serie A?

Italian clubs are only permitted to register two non-EU players per season due to measures first introduced in 2002. Following a Federal Council meeting on Monday, the FIGC announced on Wednesday that the reform will be introduced for the 2023-24 campaign. The FIGC and Serie A had both requested a change to the rules.

How many players are allowed in a Serie A squad?

Serie A squad size has to be 25. No more than 17 non home grown. 4 association trained (serie a player that was in serie a for three years between the age of 15-21) must be in the squad. 4 club trained (promoted club youth) must be in the squad.

What nationalities are in the Serie A?

Nationalities 2023-2024 Serie A
1it Italy134,243
2fr France18,879
3ar Argentina17,767
4br Brazil16,915
71 more rows

How many players are in Serie A?

If you run down the rosters of all 20 teams in Serie A, 307 of 551 players—55.7 percent—are not Italian nationals. Foreigners make up half of 11 of the league's 20 rosters.

Do any Americans play in Serie A?

There was a time when Americans' soccer skills were not considered refined enough to join the highly technical Italian league. Now three United States internationals have joined Serie A during the same transfer window: Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah at AC Milan and Tim Weah at Juventus.

How many foreign players can play in Real Madrid?

Currently, each club can register a maximum of three players who do not possess a European Union passport. For example, Real Madrid have the maximum quota with Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militão - although Vini is still is the process of gaining dual nationality.

What is the EU player rule for Serie A?

There is a maximum of four non-EU players allowed in any team's squad, but there are some nations that have been given EU-equivalent status.

How many English players do you need in a squad?

This means that in a full squad of 25 players, there must be at least eight homegrown players.

How many players are on the bench in Serie A?

Well, it is paramount to be fixed, especially now with Word Cup starting, and in these matches, the rules allow 15 players on the bench, 5 substitutions + 1 in extra time.

How many Brazilian players play in the Serie A?

Brazilians are the most present in the Serie A (33 players, 7.3% of minutes played by all expatriates) and the Ligue 1 (25, 5.4%). Brazil is the most represented origin also in Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Finland. They are present in all of the countries covered except Scotland.

Who was the first American player to play in the Serie A?

Alfonso Negro

While he'd go on to represent Italy at the 1936 Olympics, Negro is widely regarded as the first American to play in Serie A when he moved to Fiorentina in 1934. Negro had previously enjoyed spells with Angri and Catanzaro lower down the Italian football pyramid before earning his big break.

Who is the 34 year old midfielder in Serie A?

18Giacomo Bonaventura | Fiorentina | 6 goals

Giacomo Bonaventura has arguably been Fiorentina's best player this season. The 34-year-old elegant attacking midfielder has been Fiorentina's primary creative influence and has also added goals to his game lately.

Why do Serie A players have high numbers?

Some players take those higher numbers because it's the last two digits of their year of birth. For example El Shaarawy took 92 because he was born in 1992. Shaqiri took 91 because he was born in 1991, same with Candreva and 87, born in 1987. And the AC Milan wonder kid Gianluigi Donnarumma took 99, being born in 1999.

How much do Serie A football players make?

In Serie A, player salaries can range from relatively modest amounts to incredibly high figures for the most elite players. The average salary for professional soccer players in Serie A is estimated to be around €2 to €3 million per year (€166,000 to €250,000 per month).

Is Serie A better than Ligue 1?

Serie A was the world's strongest national league in 2020 according to IFFHS, and is ranked third among European leagues according to UEFA's league coefficient – behind La Liga and the Premier League, and ahead of Bundesliga and Ligue 1 – which is based on the performance of Italian clubs in the Champions League and ...

Do any Americans play for Juventus?

Weston James Earl McKennie (born August 28, 1998) is an American professional soccer player who plays as a midfielder for Serie A club Juventus and the United States national team.

How many Americans play in the Italian league?

Alongside McKennie, Dest and the incoming Pulisic, Gianluca Busio played Serie A football with Venezia (prior to their relegation in 2022), with Patrick Leal and Tanner Tessmann also at Venezia and right-back Bryan Reynolds returning to AS Roma although a move outside of Italy is expected for him.

Has an American ever played for Juventus?

Weston McKennie, 22, is the first American to play for the Bianconeri. Born in Little Elm, Texas, the midfielder made his breakthrough in Germany, where he spent part of his childhood.

How many foreign players can Barcelona have?

In La Liga, each team is allowed to have a maximum of three non-EU (European Union) players in their squad. Players from countries within the EU are not considered non-EU players and are therefore not subject to this restriction.

How many foreign players can play in J league?

jyny. Japan has an agreement in place with a fair few Asian nations see below. You can have 5 foreign players in the matchday squad and there is no limit on the number of foreign players at the club, so you can easily build a solid squad for overseas imports. Hope this helps and good luck with your save.

How many English players are in the Bundesliga?

As many as 10 British nationals are currently on the books of teams in Germany, but how did the likes of Jadon Sancho, Jonjoe Kenny, Rabbi Matondo and Ademola Lookman fare? brings you up to date on their performances this term.

Does 7th in Serie A get Europe?

The seventh place team in the Italian league qualifies for the Conference League only if Inter win the Coppa Italia final, but if Fiorentina win the competition they would then qualify for the Europa League that way and in that case, the sixth placed in the league will play the UEFA Conference League.

How many non EU players are allowed?

- Only 3 "non EU-players" (as EU-players are players considered which have a nationality of a state which on 1 April 2006 were EU-Member state or EFTA-Member state) can be fielded; there is no restriction to put more than 3 players on the match card of a game.

Who has the rights to Serie A?

Soccer DAZN, Sky retain Italian Serie A rights in $4.8 billion deal.

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