How many non-EU players can play in Italy? (2024)

How many non-EU players can play in Italy?

Italian clubs are only permitted to register two non-EU players per season due to measures first introduced in 2002. Following a Federal Council meeting on Monday, the FIGC

The Italian Football Federation (Italian: Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio, pronounced [federatˈtsjoːne itaˈljaːna ˈdʒwɔːko ˈkaltʃo]; FIGC [ˌfiddʒitˈtʃi]), known colloquially as Federcalcio ( pronounced [federˈkaltʃo]), is the governing body of football in Italy. › wiki › Italian_Football_Federation
announced on Wednesday that the reform will be introduced for the 2023-24 campaign. The FIGC and Serie A had both requested a change to the rules.

How many foreigners can play in Serie A?

Italy have become the world's first league association to recommend this freedom to pick players from around the world, having previously had a restriction of three non-EU players on the pitch at any one time. However, Italy's quota of five non-EU players in any one team's squad was one of the more lenient in Europe.

What is the EU player rule for Serie A?

There is a maximum of four non-EU players allowed in any team's squad, but there are some nations that have been given EU-equivalent status.

How many foreigners can play in La Liga?

In La Liga, each club is allowed five non-EU players, but are only allowed to name three non-EU players in each matchday squad. The term 'non-EU' refers to a player whose country of citizenship is outside of the European Union.

What is a non-EU spot?

A “non-EU” player is one whose nation of citizenship is not a member of the European Union; after Brexit, the United Kingdom will fall into this category. Last summer, Real Madrid ran into some difficulties since three of their players — Vinicius, Militao, and Rodrygo — weren't EU citizens.

How many Americans play in the Serie A?

Even Alexi Lalas played in Italy's top flight. But before last season, in decades, we've had only seen six total. But entering the 2021-22 season, which starts this weekend, there are now four Americans playing in the Italian first division as a wave of stateside talent makes its way to one of the world's best leagues.

How many non EU spots are there in Serie A?

A maximum of two non-EU players will be allowed to register.

How many non EU players are allowed?

- Only 3 "non EU-players" (as EU-players are players considered which have a nationality of a state which on 1 April 2006 were EU-Member state or EFTA-Member state) can be fielded; there is no restriction to put more than 3 players on the match card of a game.

What makes a player non EU?

There are different rules for which players are eligible for EU status in different European leagues, and leagues have different rules on how many players from outside the EU may be registered. Players within European league systems who are not considered European citizens are known as "non-EU".

How much do Serie A football players make?

In Serie A, player salaries can range from relatively modest amounts to incredibly high figures for the most elite players. The average salary for professional soccer players in Serie A is estimated to be around €2 to €3 million per year (€166,000 to €250,000 per month).

How many foreign players can play in Real Madrid?

Currently, each club can register a maximum of three players who do not possess a European Union passport. For example, Real Madrid have the maximum quota with Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militão - although Vini is still is the process of gaining dual nationality.

How many non EU players does Barcelona have?

Every team in La Liga can only have 3 Non-EU players. Not jusr Real madrid. You can have Spain citizenship after staying there for 5 years. FC barcelona just have three Non-EU player in Neymar, Douglas and luis suarez.

How many non EU players are in Real Madrid?

Bellingham will be one of the maximum of three non-European Union players that Madrid are allowed to register in their 25-man squad for LaLiga. Because of Brexit, British citizens have had third-country-national status in Spain, and the 26 other EU member states, since 31 January 2021.

How many La Liga players are Spanish?

410 different footballers with a Spanish passport have recorded minutes in La Liga this term. The number is almost twice as large as the 234 English players in the Premier League.

What does non-EU only mean?


Any person not having the nationality of an EU Member State.

What does Europe non-EU mean?

Non-EU countries are all countries that are not a member of the European Union.

Has an American ever played for AC Milan?

Yunus Musah is a new AC Milan player after the U.S. men's national team star became the second American on the roster after the arrival of Christian Pulisic from Chelsea this summer.

Has an American ever played for Juventus?

Weston McKennie, 22, is the first American to play for the Bianconeri. Born in Little Elm, Texas, the midfielder made his breakthrough in Germany, where he spent part of his childhood.

Has an American ever played in La Liga?

Since goalkeeper Kasey Keller became the first American to play in LaLiga in 1999, the Spanish top flight hasn't exactly witnessed an influx of talent from the States - more of an intermittent trickle.

Does 7th in Serie A get Europe?

The seventh place team in the Italian league qualifies for the Conference League only if Inter win the Coppa Italia final, but if Fiorentina win the competition they would then qualify for the Europa League that way and in that case, the sixth placed in the league will play the UEFA Conference League.

How many Serie A players are Italian?

Nationalities 2023-2024 Serie A
RkNation# Players
1it Italy258
2fr France36
3ar Argentina25
4br Brazil21
71 more rows

Is Serie A better than Ligue 1?

Serie A was the world's strongest national league in 2020 according to IFFHS, and is ranked third among European leagues according to UEFA's league coefficient – behind La Liga and the Premier League, and ahead of Bundesliga and Ligue 1 – which is based on the performance of Italian clubs in the Champions League and ...

How many foreign players can play in match?

Currently, only the International League T20 (9), Major League Cricket (6) and CPL (5) allow more than four overseas players in the playing XI.

How many English players played for Juventus?

Yes, several British players have played for Juventus over the years. Some notable examples include David Platt, Ian Rush, and David Beckham. To date, 6 British players have played for Juventus: William Johnny Jordan (1948–49).

How many overseas players allowed?

Teams are only allowed to play with 4 overseas players, and a non-Indian player will not be allowed to replace an Indian player if the team already has 4 overseas players in their playing XI.

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