How much did Man United sell Depay for? (2024)

How much did Man United sell Depay for?

The Red Devils sold Depay to Lyon

The club's nickname, Les Gones, means "The Kids" in Lyon's regional dialect of Franco-Provençal. › wiki › Olympique_Lyonnais
for £17m in 2017, but included a clause that allowed them to buy him back. However, despite his massive pick up in form and attention, United never looked to explore the option of a return for Depay.

Why did Manchester United sell Memphis Depay?

After joining United in a big-money move from PSV Eindhoven, Memphis scored just seven goals in 53 appearances. Most of those games came under Louis van Gaal, with Mourinho allowing him to leave after just 18 months but including a buy-back clause which the English club never ended up exercising.

Did barca sell Memphis Depay?

Barcelona have sold Memphis Depay to Atletico Madrid in a deal worth up to €4million (£3.5million). The Camp Nou side confirmed the two clubs reached an agreement for the 28-year-old on Friday for an initial fee of €3million with a further €1million in add-ons.

Did Atletico buy Memphis Depay?

Memphis Depay completes £2.6m move from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid on a two-and-a-half-year deal as the two club's also agree 'preferential but not compulsory purchase option' for Yannick Carrasco. Memphis Depay has completed his cross LaLiga switch to join Atletico Madrid on a permanent two-and-a-half-year deal.

When did Memphis Depay leave Manchester United?

Memphis Depay
Personal information
2015–2017Manchester United(7)
2023–Atlético Madrid(6)
25 more rows

How much did Barca get Depay for?

FC Barcelona and Club Atlético de Madrid have reached an agreement for the transfer of the player Memphis Depay for the fee of 3 million euros plus one million in variables. The agreement includes a preferential but not compulsory purchase option for the player Yannick Carrasco.

Who sold Depay at United?

Depay would go on to underwhelm at United, however, with the attacker struggling for 18 months before being sold to Lyon by Jose Mourinho.

Why did Memphis leave Barça?

Memphis 'wasn't comfortable' at Barcelona & 'asked to leave' once Atletico Madrid came calling. Memphis Depay forced a move from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid as he “wasn't comfortable” at Camp Nou, Xavi has revealed.

Who sponsors Memphis Depay?

Barcelona star Memphis Depay talks about why he signed to Puma, wanting to meet Jay-Z, and why he bought a Bored Ape and what his plans are to do with it. Memphis Depay has a new footwear sponsor. The Dutch footballer, who now plays for Barcelona, has signed to Puma after he left Under Armour in 2021.

Why is Depay leaving Barcelona?

Memphis Depay DEMANDED to leave Barcelona as he 'wasn't comfortable' at the Nou Camp, reveals boss Xavi after the Dutchman's £2.6m move to LaLiga rivals Atletico Madrid. Barcelona boss Xavi has revealed Memphis Depay demanded to leave the club after joining LaLiga rivals Atletico Madrid in a £2.6million move.

Is Memphis Depay on loan?

Depay joins Atletico Madrid on a permanent basis after they were left without offensive options following the loan departure of Joao Felix to Chelsea.

Is Memphis Depay a defender?

Memphis Depay is a professional footballer from Holland who plays as a Center Forward (CF) for Atlético de Madrid. Memphis Depay FC 24 overall Rating is 84.

Has Depay scored for Atletico Madrid?

In the current club Atletico Madrid played 2 seasons, during this time he played 14 matches and scored 7 goals. How many goals has Memphis Depay scored this season? In the current season Memphis Depay scored 4 goals. 1 goals in national team( European Championship ).

Who left Old Trafford early?

Cristiano Ronaldo left Old Trafford before final whistle after being unused substitute in Manchester United win. Cristiano Ronaldo left Old Trafford before the final whistle after being an unused substitute in Manchester United's 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur.

How many goals did Memphis Depay scored for Manchester United?

Premier League Playing Career
ClubApps (Subs)Goals
FA Cup0 (0)0
EFL Cup1 (0)0
International Champions Cup1 (0)0
Man Utd29 (13)2
9 more rows

How much did Barcelona give to Messi?

In past weeks, it was said that Barca president Joan Laporta had made a "final offer" to Messi which would entail him receiving €200,000 ($216,000) yearly and then the expected €100 million ($108 million) proceeds from his farewell match.

How much is Depay salary per week?

#13 Memphis Depay - €200,385 per week

He joined the Catalans as a free agent last summer on a two-year contract and earns €200,385 per week.

How much did Barca pay for Neymar?

Investigators began probing the transfer after a 2015 complaint filed by DIS, a Brazilian company that owned 40 percent of the player's sporting rights when he was at Santos. Barcelona said the transfer cost 57.1 million euros ($55.3m), but prosecutors believe it was at least 83 million euros ($80.5m).

How old was Depay when he joined United?

Great things were expected of Depay when he signed for United in a £25million deal from PSV Eindhoven as a 21-year-old in 2015. However, the forward lasted just 18 months at Old Trafford before he sold to Lyon in January 2017 for an initial £16m - having scoring just seven goals in 53 appearances for United.

How many shirts did United sell?


Who did Memphis play for before Barcelona?

Memphis joined Manchester United in June 2015 for £25 million. He then joined Lyon in January 2017. After four seasons there, he joined Barcelona in 2021 on a free transfer.

Is Memphis leaving Barcelona?

Atletico Madrid have signed forward Memphis Depay from Barcelona, the LaLiga club announced on Friday.

Why did aubameyang leave Barcelona?

The Gabonese striker, who left in September for Chelsea for twelve million euros because the Blaugrana club needed a sale that would generate financial fair play room, is a very serious option for the attack. There are several reasons that bring Aubameyang closer to a Barça return.

Why is Memphis Depay famous?

Memphis Depay (born 13 February 1994), commonly known simply as Memphis, is a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a forward for French club Lyon and the Netherlands national team. He is known for his ability to cut inside, dribbling, distance shooting and ability to play the ball off the ground.

Why does Memphis Depay want to be called Memphis?

Speaking to the BBC following his decision to drop his surname in 2012, he said of his Ghanaian father, who abandoned him: “I will never forgive him. “Do not call me Depay, call me Memphis. No, I don't want to explain exactly what happened at home because I don't want to make people feel ashamed.

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