Does Chelsea own any stadium? (2024)

Does Chelsea own any stadium?

Chelsea Pitch Owners, who own the freehold of Stamford Bridge stadium and the name Chelsea FC, have veto power over any potential move away from the current site in Fulham Broadway and would need 75 per cent of its shareholders to agree to any potential move.

Do Chelsea rent their stadium?

CPO lease the ground to the club for a period of 199 years starting in 1997. The structure of CPO is such that no one person can unduly influence the company, and in the event of the club wishing to move, they either have to surrender the name Chelsea FC to CPO, or to obtain our permission to do so.

What do the Chelsea pitch owners own?

Chelsea Pitch Owners PLC (CPO) are the company that holds the freehold of Stamford Bridge stadium and the name Chelsea FC. CPO serves a dual purpose, as it protects the future of the stadium whilst also allowing fans to own a part of the football club that they love.

What land are Chelsea buying?

Chelsea have won a battle to buy a significant portion of land next door to Stamford Bridge in a deal worth around £80m.

Are Chelsea moving to Earls Court?

Chelsea are not in talks to purchase the former Earls Court Exhibition Centre site for a potential relocation from Stamford Bridge, according to the company overseeing the multi-billion pound redevelopment project.

Why is Stamford Bridge so small?

Abramovich announced from the start of his reign in West London that a bigger stadium was essential to the club's development. The plot of land on which Stamford Bridge stands hinders the expansion of this facility. The arena is squeezed between two railway lines and a main road, and the area itself has dense housing.

Who owns Etihad stadium?

Its larger aim is to advance the role of the Etihad, which is owned by Manchester City Council and leased by the football club, as an anchor for the greater community. One key way of seeing that through is by growing tomorrow's workforce, today. The project would increase the stadium capacity to over 60,000.

Who owns Stamford Bridge stadium?

Welcome to the website of Chelsea Pitch Owners PLC (CPO), the company that holds the freehold of Stamford Bridge stadium and the name Chelsea FC.

Who owns most of Chelsea FC?

Chelsea's ownership consortium is led by LA Dodgers part owner Boehly. Although he is the face of the group, it is backed by investment firm Clearlake Capital, and other deep-pocketed partners, including Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, and Boehly's Dodgers partner Mark Walter.

Who owns Anfield?

How much does it cost to own Chelsea?

Topline. The $5.4 billion sale of Chelsea FC from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich to a consortium led by American billionaire Todd Boehly has been completed, the club announced Monday, ending months of uncertainty after Abramovich said he would sell the team after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Are Chelsea getting a new stadium?

Chelsea's plans are subject to planning permission from Hammersmith and Fulham Council, which could take between 12 and 18 months. Construction of a new stadium would then likely take at least another five years but Chelsea hope to move by the end of 2030.

Where is Chelsea new stadium?

Image of Where is Chelsea new stadium?
Stamford Bridge is a football stadium in Fulham, adjacent to the borough of Chelsea in West London. It is the home of Premier League club Chelsea. With a capacity of 40,343, it is the ninth largest venue of the 2023–24 Premier League season and the eleventh largest football stadium in England.

Where is Chelsea relative to London?

Chelsea is an affluent area in West London, England, due south-west of Charing Cross by approximately 2.5 miles. It lies on the north bank of the River Thames and for postal purposes is part of the south-western postal area.

How many people can fit in Stamford Bridge?

Stamford Bridge's capacity of 40,341 is at the smaller end in the Premier League but a rebuild is not straightforward.

What is the name of Chelsea stadium?

Stamford Bridge is one of the oldest football grounds in the country and has been the home of Chelsea Football Club since our formation in 1905. The Bridge opened as a sporting arena on 28 April 1877.

Does Chelsea rent Stamford Bridge?

Chelsea pay a nominal rent to make use of the pitch. Upon announcing the agreement to buy Chelsea, the Boehly-Clearlake group made a number of commitments. Stamford Bridge was central to the areas they had indicated for investment.

Why can't Chelsea expand Stamford Bridge?

The club concludes that both options are not feasible from a planning and financial perspective. The main problem for the construction of a new 60,000-stadium would be the lack of available land, as the stadium is enclosed by railway lines and housing.

What is the smallest pitch in the Premier League?

Which Premier League pitch is the smallest? As of the 22/23 football season, Fulham's Craven Cottage has the smallest pitch in the Premier League, with its size being 100 metres by 65 metres or 109 yards by 71 yards. Are Premier League pitches different sizes? Premier League pitch sizes do vary slightly between clubs.

Who owns the most expensive stadium?

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

Who owns Wembley?

What is the largest stadium in the world?

Shaped like a parachute, the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium is mainly used for football matches – it is the home stadium of the North Korea national football team. It has been designed to host multiple sports, including athletics. The Rungrado is the largest stadium in the world.

Is Stamford Bridge owned by Chelsea or Fulham?

Chelsea Pitch Owners PLC (CPO) is the company that holds the freehold of Stamford Bridge stadium and the name Chelsea FC. It is owned by 13,000 fans worldwide, with over 23,000 individual shares sold.

Does Arsenal own Emirates Stadium?

These include Arsenal Football Club plc (the football club itself), Arsenal (Emirates Stadium) Limited (which develops and owns Arsenal's Emirates Stadium), Arsenal Stadium Management Company (which manages the stadium on matchdays), and Arsenal Overseas Ltd (which manages retail operations).

Why do Chelsea play in Fulham?

Mears offered the ground to Fulham FC, which was founded in 1879, but the club refused his offer. Undeterred, Mears decided to form his own club and debated calling it Stamford Bridge FC, London FC, or Kensington FC but eventually decided on Chelsea FC, naming the club after the borough adjacent to Fulham.

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