General - September 5, 2019

Importance of eCommerce

The advance of Information and Communication Technologies led to our daily life being the product of a profound change, in which we spend all the time Connected to the Network wherever we are, having viable Web Platforms for such action and being able to perform More and more actions around a Virtual World in which we no longer use it only for Web Navigation, but also for all our daily activities.

In this new virtual environment we have constant communication with other people through the arrival of Social Networks, where we can share even Multimedia Content and even enjoy Online Games in groups, or run different Web Applications, and we also have participation in sites Own Creation website, such as the design of Blog or Photo Albums sites, but we also find solutions for our needs.

In this last group we find the sites that offer an E-Commerce Platform, being more and more those who decide to use it as a link between the Client and Supplier without leaving home, basically consisting of a Virtual Store where we can navigate and visualize a Virtual Catalog, make different price inquiries and then move on to Buy a Product, all without leaving home, since Home Delivery is also offered.

Also called Electronic Commerce, this modality is increasingly joining more web platforms, with the convenience of being able to manage the Payment Method, or making an automatic payment through the use of Credit Cards, and in recent times it has been given importance also to the use of Virtual Money Systems as it is the case of those companies that pay for the use of Web Advertising, being surely the best known of all that of Pay Pal or DineroMail.

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